Nowadays, ecological thinking is more and more of public awareness and businesses are increasingly judged by their social responsibility. At STILTREU we also contribute to environmental protection. We do this from inner conviction and not because of the duty to the public.

For this reason, at STILTREU sustainability is included into every step of the production process. Our designer Christian Dorn, for example, attaches attention to the longevity of its products. Therefore, he is not oriented to short-term trends, but pursues a long-term design. To achieve this goal, the STILTREU designstudio pays particular attention to the quality of our materials, as only high-quality furniture provide long-time enjoyment.

However, quality is not the only criterion in the selection process of materials in the STILTREU designstudio. The origin and processing of materials are also important.

Find more information on the environmental actions of the STILTREU designstudio in the following PDF.

easy chair SOFT

From classic-timeless to modern design, wood offers various possibilities, just like our furniture.

Model OVA

A timeless piece of furniture with transient smooth shape from simple, soft geometry.

Model TA

TA comes to life thanks to the purity of its material and the clarity of its shape.

3 fabrics in more than 100 colours

All furnitures are available in different fabric qualities and colours.

Design awards for Christian Dorn

In 2012, Christian Dorn was three times awarded a DESIGN AND DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARD.

Sustainability at STILTREU

For information about environmental protection and sustainability at STILTREU click here.

The new Christian Dorn catalogue

SOFT & SWEET, the catalogue for the new furniture of Christian Dorn.

ZUDO fire protection cabinets

Eyecatcher: fire protection cabinets modern interpreted. New brand ZUDO - design for fire protection, designed by Christian Dorn  WWW.ZUDO.INFO

SITLTREU at Architonic

From now on our upholstered furniture can be find the world famous architect portal Architonic.